Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gender Signs

Gender Signs at Twam Hospital

Al Ain is a little more conservative than Dubai, and so the genders mix less here. One example of this is at Twam hospital's clinic. Each department has a male waiting room and a female waiting room, and each room has one of these signs over the door. The Arabic on the signs says (I think) first 5 (room 5 on the first floor, hence the F5 in English).


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I can appreciate this as much as I should. Our country and some of the religions here are also segregated. Interesting post.

I guess at my advanced age, I see some value in mixing people.

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annulla said...

Interesting concept. I didn't realize that mean & women would have seperate waiting rooms. Aside from keeping people apart, I wonder whether the rooms contain different features or services?

Blather From Brooklyn

annulla said...

Ooops! Of course, I meant to say "men and women" not "mean and women." :)

Blather From Brooklyn

Brn said...

You were probably right the first time annulla.

The rooms are exactly the same: same furniture, size, and refreshments (there are free cookies and an urn of hot tea in each room of that particular hospital).

nurse on duty said...

F doesn't mean first floor. You are correct with the 5 which stands for room 5.

I pressume you took this photos in the Polyclinic. I tried to ask the meaning of these letters with my co-staff, they are saying that it was conceptualized by the Engineeing department for some reason. If you try to look at the other department or in the main hospital building, you can see a lot of number , sometimes letters before the room number. A lot of patients and visitors are confused with this room signage ,that is why they started changing the room signage in some department. For sure they will change everything.

Brn said...

hi NOD,

Yep, these are from the polyclinic (the internal medicine clinic, if I remember right). I'm surprised that the F doesn't stand for first; the Arabic definitely says "awwal khamsa", which is "first five".

Annie said...

Separate but equal? In the US this didn't seem to work very well (here I'm talking about separate races, not gender).

Aisha La Estudiante said...

The female photo is interesting. That face veil choice/nose cover style (niq'ab) is very ethnic to UAE I believe.

I hope to visit the private hospital a bit as I study nursing and community health... and Arabic and visit soon. :) Interesting photo op. I request more signage :)