Thursday, July 12, 2007

#51 - Mmm, Camels

Red Crescent Camels

We live very near the Red Crescent. During the Eids, the two big Islamic holidays, they have a feast for the needy. We assume that these three were the main course at the end of Ramadan last year.


Hyde DP said...

such a wonderful expression on the camel's face

Annie said...

What????? Camels are on the menu??????

Anonymous said...

Really? I suppose that is like eating dogs in Korea. I couldn't do it.

If you happened to visit my blog yesterday on the occasion of our 52nd anniversary, I want to thank you for stopping. "Thanks."

Curly said...

A tremendous picture, thanks!

South Shields Daily Photo

Ann said...

Oh boy...I'm with Abe and annie! :)