Sunday, June 3, 2007


Sheikha Salama Mosque, Al Ain
The End



Fabrizio ikol22 said...

It's a pity and a nonsense to destroy such a beautiful Mosque

Kris said...


Someone in Al Ain said...

Well as what i understand from some people..

the mosque is getting old and old..and the construction became too bad..

also it was having too many water under it and this was affecting the basis on it..( after the rain),so in any time might fall down..

Thanks for posting this picture..i missed that..!!

Mohammed UK said...

The masjid was beautiful, but was aging and wasn't satisfying the needs of the day.

There weren't enough (or suitable) washing and toilet facilities. Access for wheelchair and older users was limited. Similarly, there was no formal delineation for the women's area (they just put some partitioning boards up).

I am sure the masjid could have been renovated and brought back to its former glory. Insha Allah, the new masjid will be completed quickly and satisfy the demands of the area.