Saturday, March 10, 2007

Neighborhood Mosque - #21

Mosque in Shabhanat Al Khabisi, Al Ain

Al Ain has many large beautiful mosques, but even more it has smaller neighborhood mosques like this one.

If you are wondering what the sign is about, it is advertising a take out restaurant that shares the building. When I first saw this, it seemed really bizarre to have small groceries or restaurants in the same building as the mosque, but it is very common here.


Mohammed UK said...

Not sure if this is true, others may be able to confirm or otherwise: I understood the reason for these small outlets associated with the masjid was to cover maintenance and utility costs. Whether that is really the case or whether the income from such shops would cover it, I cannot be certain.

Aisha La Estudiante said...

HA, ha.. now there's an easy word to remember fee Al-Arabee. "Kaf'eteria" hmmm.
Hilarious... makes Ramadan Iftar (breaking fast) meals easier for that Halal burger and fries. Shoot.. wish I had Halal burger, milkshake and fries after the masjid.