Monday, February 19, 2007

Mandoos Roundabout - #3

Mandoos Roundabout, Al Ain

The sculpture in the the middle of this roundabout has three elements of Emirati culture. A mandoos is a traditional Emirati chest for storing valuables. One of the mainstays of the Emirati economy before oil was discovered was pearl diving. And of course under the mandoos is one of the beautiful rugs that the region is known for.


Anonymous said...

An interesting picture and I assume this is a permanent display.

Dsole said...

that's is so curious, an amazing sculputure to decorate a roundabout!
Nice finding!
Greetings from Madrid

santy said...

Greetings from Jakarta - Indonesia! I hate to hear about the picture theft. So glad you decided to make your own Al Ain DP! Welcome :)

Brn said...

thanks everyone,

Yes, this is permanent. The roundabouts of Al Ain have lots of beautiful sculptures and landscaping in the center of them. I blogged about 20 of the best on my other blog. You can see those posts and photos here if you are interested.

tehillah said...

Unfortunately the Mandoos Roundabout was torn down to give way to a new intersection. The Pearl Box could no longer be seen. Too bad.Sorry but nothing is permanent in this world, even in Al Ain.

tehillah said...

Mandoos Roundabout was torn down this year 2009.